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Feedback to PhotoBookWorld
  • I really love the software. I'm an absolute layman and even I managed it easily and got really great results. It’s very easy to create photobooks; it was explained well and is incredible fun - almost addictive!
    It is indescribably lovely to hold in your hands the first of your own photobooks!

    C. G. from Berlin

  • Dear PhotoBookWorld team!
    I have just received the 5 photobooks that I ordered and am simply thrilled by the quality of the print and the finish. I am convinced that I’m going to have to order a few more copies of this book (for relatives)… but I will also certainly be ordering numerous new books from you ... Keep it up! Thanks!

    S. W. from Innsbruck

  • My compliments to PhotoBookWorld! The software is perfect and the quality of the photobooks is simply unbeatable! I can guarantee that this won’t be my last photobook!
    A.-C. S. from Waiblingen

  • I can only say: Great! The photobook from PhotoBookWorld is absolutely first class! I take my hat off to you for the quality of the printing and binding.
    T. B. from Bonn

  • Such a great selection of formats, number of pages and bindings at this economical price is really super. I’m ordering another book now!
    W. M. from Knittlingen



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