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+++ Alle Fotobücher, die bis zum 10.12.2017 bestellt werden, werden garantiert noch zu Weihnachten ausgeliefert. +++
Five different photobook bindings:
You can choose between a total of 5 binding types: reasonably priced ring binding or now the new saddle-stitch binding, soft cover binding, cloth binding and the high-quality hardback binding. You will know the softback binding from paperback books. Your book will look really fine with the hardback binding. This is quite the equal of hardback coffee-table books available in the shops.

As a special feature, you have the free design of your jacket for all five variants. For softback and hardback bindings, you can also freely design and provide text for the back of the book. This gives you a quick overview if there are several photobooks next to each other in the bookcase. The inner section of all of our photobooks is printed on special paper, particularly tailored for digital printing and processing. This woodfree, double-coated fine paper has a weight of 170 g/m².





Ring binding

A real book:

  • High quality and sturdy
  • Free design of the jacket and back of the book
  • Pleasant texture
  • Durable and clean
  • Extremely sturdy and hard-wearing
  • Professional exterior
  • Fine surface
  • Long lasting
  The softback:

  • Light and flexible
  • Jacket and back of the book can be freely designed
  • Firmly bound
  • Robust and secure
  • Jacket made from sturdy 300g/m² card
  • Foil-laminated jacket
  A practical alternative:

  • Protective film protects without concealing
  • Jacket can be freely designed
  • Jacket made from sturdy 300g/m² card
  • Can be opened through 360 degrees
  • Fine stainless steel appearance
  • Handy
  • Economical
  • Practical

Saddle stitch


Cloth cover

The booklet you take with you:

  • individually designed cover
  • cover made of strong 300g/m² cardboard
  • practical to pocket
  • affordable in price
  • light and flexible
  A real book:

  • High quality and sturdy
  • Cover designed in high-quality cloth
  • Pleasant texture
  • Durable and clean
  • Extremely sturdy and hard-wearing
  • Professional exterior
  • Fine surface
  • Long lasting

In our softback and hardback bindings we only use high-quality PUR adhesive bindings. PUR adhesive bindings are the highest quality adhesive bindings, significantly superior to other adhesive types such as hotmelt (hot setting adhesive) or latex. This binding is particularly suited to heavily used printed matter such as photobooks.

High durability is an obligation in the case of books – so choose our “guarantee of durability”: PUR (polyurethane) adhesive bindings!



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